Copper jewelry made in Italy

The copper wire is the starting material for the creation of these copper jewelry, unique because entirely made by hand.

The collection of copper jewelry made in Italy is constantly evolving: the craft allows to reproduce the line of a jewel, but rarely can create two identical pieces. The small imperfections suggest the rise and the evolution of the jewel. They are the signature of the artist. For this reason each photo represents an unique piece.

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Katia, the artist, reserves the right to make jewelry with the same lines, sure to give different lives to her creations and to preserve their uniqueness.
The materials matched to the worked copper wire are mainly hard stones and seeds. These are chosen to give different shades of light to this pure metal. They are materials offered by nature to give the jewelry and the wearer one of the essences of life.
Katia defines his creations as "patience jewelry". Even before the copper wire and the tools to work the jewel, the patience of the craftsman is necessary to give shape to a movement, to give life to a wire.


The bracelets surround the hands of the wearer and enhance their every move. I can create the bracelets from a single, uninterrupted copper wire, molded and beaten with a hammer, or I can use several copper pieces and combine them with seeds and stones.
The part of the body most suited to wear copper jewelry, and to draw from this pure metal the most benefit, is the wrist. I can guess the increase in brightness of the copper when it is worn on a body part that keeps the movement alive.
Some bracelets have a fixed size, others have little hooks that allow to set the desired size.


The challenge in the realization of earrings is always to create the two pieces almost identical to one another. You need premeditation, willpower and some magic...
Sometimes I surrender to the irreproducible uniqueness of an earring and i leave it alone, a single earring for those wearing one.

Like all copper jewelry, free to move, they give light and color to the face of the wearer. Each description shows the weight of the pair of earrings, if it's a pair, and allows to evaluate their characteristics.
There is a warning for those who wear these earrings, primarily the jewels that include a complex web of copper wire: they can get caught in long hair, especially curls.


The necklaces are the jewelry that I prefer to create. They are the most challenging but also those with which I express myself better: they leave room for inspiration and at the same time claim a strong desire to be completed.
Necklaces can be entirely in copper, constituted by a single wire or by multiple workpieces joined together with stones, seeds and other materials.
Some necklaces terminate, on the back of the neck, in a waxed wire with a small copper hook. In the individual description of each necklace, it is specified if you can modify the length of the jewel.


The pendants are lights and shapes that float on the heart.
Often I create them without thinking, without meaning to, I follow the inspiration, it seems that the copper wire wants to express every possible line, turning into unique pieces.
The pendants are attached to very durable waxed wires and come with handmade copper hooks. Often you can set them to the desired length.


The rings arise from the modeling of a single, uninterrupted copper wire. In many cases just the wire, beaten with a hammer, gives life to an original and simple copper jewel.
Other times I start from a seed or a stone, and around them I try to create a "frame" that gives light and color to the hand that wears the ring and to the movements that it will accomplish.
The description of each jewel shows whether the ring has a strip of fixed size and can not be changed, or if it can be adapted to any finger by narrowing or widening the band.

The copper

The copper jewelry have the peculiarity to change over time. When worn, contact with the skin gives them new shine and shades.
If abandoned, they oxidize evenly, losing the sheen that makes them alive.

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